Record Review: Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings

Attack on Memory

Cleveland, OH

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“Dark. Dismal. It will rip your face off while you boogey around the living room.”

Attack on Memory is the third full-length release by Cleveland’s own Cloud Nothings (a.k.a. Dylan Baldi). Anyone in fear of a recording slump rearing its ugly head for Mr. Baldi can breathe a wistful sigh of relief. Attack on Memory is, start to finish, an artful expression of the apathetic and nihilistic life of youth in the Great Recession. The musical keystone of the album is its percussion. Baldi’s drummer, Jayson Gerycz, makes you want to get up and tear phone books in half. Even during the slower jams like “No Future, No Past” and “No Sentiment.” Woven around this percussive pulse, you’ll find rougher elements than the band’s first two releases.

The music is dissonant and rough, filled with disturbing vocals and demonic bass lines. The lyrics are straight up fatalistic. On “Fall In,” Baldi screams that there is “nothing left for you to use.” Vocally, he frequently jumps from indie crooner to screaming banshee and back again in the same chorus, delivering an emotional resonance akin to Black Francis of The Pixies. Although this album departs from the indie pop that jettisoned this band through the blogosphere, their artistic growth is still sure to please any fan. (Carpark Records)

Engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL

Mastered by Joe Lambert in NYC

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