Record Review: Cave

Chicago, IL

“Going from one to crazy in the blink of an eye”

On the surface, Neverendless seems to be unrelenting repetition for forty-plus minutes. Upon closer inspection, that observation actually isn’t too inaccurate. There is unrelenting repetition for sure, but Cave’s smooth layering makes the psychedelic drone welcoming. In fact, by carefully building on top of a steady foundation, Cave makes a fourteen-minute opus feel like seconds.

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Cave gives their unique sound a beat that constantly pushes forward, paying homage to Krautrock, while at the same time utilizing punching guitar jabs and generous doses of the motorik beat. In this way, each track is a blend of looming possibilities, starting out with an unassuming beat, yet all fall under the umbrella of a larger formula for solid coherence.

“WUJ” exhibits Cave’s wide range of influences and their ability to seamlessly string all of them together. The track starts out with a driving beat as psych guitars spell out a faint melody, which later draws into a bolder anthem before lashing out completely in a fuzzed-out riff. “This Is The Best” masters subtle layering as beats are divided up more and more with the buildup. Just when you thought it was over, an assertive new melody jumps in, creating hemiola friction as downbeats rub against each other for a race to finish. (Drag City)

Recorded and Mixed by Benjamin Balcom and Cave

Mastered at SAE by Roger Seibel

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