Record Review: Butterknife


Do the Needful

Boston, MA

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“Delightful power chord pop”

Do the Needful is a strong pop-punk EP from the Boston group, Butterknife. But unlike the shortly enjoyed pop-punk bands from high school, Butterknife’s five tracks have far more depth and potential in them.

The first track, “$100,” is honest and allows listeners to prepare and get a glimpse of what they’re getting into – punk power chords, simple drums and poppy lyrics with that catchy chorus: “How do I stop, how do I stop / Every woman to a man, destroys him.” A similar formula is found in the following song, “Coattails,” with that feel-good rhythm that you can’t help but sway to. Then Butterknife gives us “June,” perhaps the most admirable track, with a sweet opening that resembles more of a traditional psychedelic/surf rock song. “Restless” returns to the familiar style of delightful pop-punk with some finger-snapping rhythms. The longest track, at over seven minutes, is “Romance,” which shows more of a heartfelt and emotional side of the band. Appropriately sequenced as the album’s closing track, Butterknife is reminding their fans and new listeners that deep down, there’s more profundity and potential, even if it’s under a pop-punk guise. (Dial-In Records)

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