Record Review: Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher
Butterfly Boucher
Adelaide, Australia


“Self determined Aussie pop with catchy hooks”

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The self-titled album from Australian native Butterfly Boucher is a declaration of independence and calling one’s own shots. It is, in essence, a pop album comprised of catchy hooks, innovative beats, and upbeat melodies. Boucher’s multi-instrumentalist skills shine through each composition, showcasing a level of determination and talent not often seen.

The album bursts out of the gates with “5678!” a jarring and energetic track that sets the stage for all that comes next. “Unashamed Desire” and “Not Fooling Around” provide balancing moments of melancholia but both with the same decisive tone as their peppier counterparts. This self-titled work is about taking charge and ownership of one’s life. Gone are the once airy and sweet sentiments of albums past, and instead listeners are introduced to a stronger musician who proudly shares her convictions.

Whether she is producing intricate keyboard compositions, electrifying dance tracks, or introspective moments driven by strings, Butterfly Boucher’s latest work is a demonstration of passion for one’s craft. The album demonstrates maturity, growth, and an ability to reinvent.

Engineered by Jamie Kennedy & Dawson Wells

Mixed by Sean Moffitt

Mastered by Jim Demain for Yes Master

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