Record Review: Brown Bird

Brown Bird
Salt for Salt
Warren, RI

Equal parts American folk, blues, country, and gypsy

David Lamb’s melodious voice combined with MorganEve Swain’s whiny cello, a guitar, and banjo all create an auditory treat.  Swain’s presence on the upright bass is also heard over Lamb’s storytelling vocals – making every note hang above a room and fill the much-needed silence with toe tapping and hand clapping movements.  This multitasking duo has their thumb on sounds created years ago, but they continue to put their own stamp on familiar genres.  Their take on folk depicts a much darker harmony than the average, as their blues and country inflections remain rhythmic.

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Brown Bird – Fingers to the Bone by supplyanddemand

However, Brown Bird’s secret to their infectious tone comes from a different continent.  Salt for Salt incorporates musical influences that reach the far European East while still maintaining its feet on American soil.  The opening track, “Fingers to the Bone,” concretely captures the symbolic pace and incorporates the essence that Brown Bird aims to achieve.  Tracks that trickle down after “Fingers to the Bone” leave permanent stamps of Lamb and Swain’s character and roots.  Their complementary vocals and warm tunes are jolting when the car stereo volume is cranked and what’s ahead is the outline of farmlands, while behind is the night’s sky peeking through the windows. (Supply and Demand)

Recorded at Machines and Magnets by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza

Mastered by Keith Souza

Artwork by William Schaff

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