Record Review: Bring the Knife

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Metal, Reviews

Bring the Knife
Bring the Knife
Boston, MA

“Boston hardcore fights werewolves and Vikings”

Boston is a breeding ground for rock, metal and hardcore bands. The groups that blur those lines often rise above the stock. Bring the Knife is an act to add to that short list, as they feature the thrashiness of Sam Black Church, the belly bellows of Honkeyball, and F-you attitude of TREE. Those names don’t stretch far beyond the Bean, but here, they’re local legends. Versatile vocalist Duncan Wilder Johnson switches his delivery from tuneful shouts to guttural growls, sometimes in the same line. Some dudes might say that guitarist Pattie The Gimp is pretty good for a girl, but they’re just jealous that she can shred circles around them.

Hard to pronounce number “Ftftftftftftftft…” best encapsulates Bring the Knife. Midtempo thrash melded with groove metal breaks. While drummer Eman Pacheco punishes his kit, Johnson cycles through his multiple vocal personalities, as Pattie melts faces. Power metal imagery from Vikings to werewolves mix with street themes such as complacence and personal sacrifices, the latter most notably on “I Walk Through Flames Every Hour to Feel Free.” This closer, while not the tightest instrumentally, sees the band putting up with the daily 9-5 grind to facilitate their love for metal. Lyrically autobiographical and musically applicable. (Thrashachusetts)

Recorded and Mixed by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance, Cambridge MA

Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East, Cambridge, MA