Record Review: Brilliant Colors

Brilliant Colors
Again and Again
San Francisco, CA

“Protect yourself with SPF ’60s sun tan lotion”

Brilliant Color’s sophomore LP, Again and Again, landscapes California’s sandy-crazed sea urchins that tan on the shore of Venice Beach. Ten straight songs with washed chorus pedals that clash with discord, much like early Radiohead circa Pablo Honey.

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The San Fran-psychedelic rock trio offers up ’60s throwback grooves with a twist. Lead singer Jess Scott and the gang take songs similar to The Shangri-Las’ “Remember Walking in The Sand” and strip them down to a tangy guitar and slurring vocals. Had The Shangri-Las’ Mary Weiss, who was the leader of the pack back then, slurred her words, she would have matriculated into The Betty Ford Clinic under duress. It just so happens that Jess’ deliberate vocals foot the bill for some Grade-A surfer rock ballads. Again and Again features an album’s worth of carefree rattling guitar tracks, broken up into ten individual thought provoking ballads about California’s hazy and somewhat crazy way of life.

Brilliant Colors – Again And Again sampler by Slumberland Records

“Hey Dan” kicks off the formal introductions between Jess Scott’s vocals, a raw guitar, an open hi-hat and a John Doe-ish type Californian Dan. The girls then take the record through California’s freeway with “Hitting Traffic” and finish up with “L.A.’s,” a loving ballad whose possessive apostrophe serves to melodically explore L.A.’s plastic minds and bodies. (Slumberland Records)

Recorded by Alex Yusimov at The Pool
Art + Design by Jess Scott

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