Record Review: Brendan Hogan

Brendan Hogan
Boston, MA


“Contemporary folk-blues that’s unafraid to take risks”

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Flash back to 2009: a New England tastemaker with an inimitable voice debuts his first effort, Long Night Coming, an album of folk and country sounds, blending lush storytelling with a distinctive acoustic twang.  Now, in 2012, Brendan Hogan has become a fixture of the scene and his follow-up, SilverQuick, is the result of creative experimentation and being unafraid to take chances.  With a new sound best described as contemporary folk-blues, this effort is a testament to staying true to oneself. Hogan has masterfully created a collection of memorable tracks.  “Impossible,” with its witty lyricism and enticing groove, could fit comfortably within Jason Mraz’s debut, as could “Junker.”

The rawness of Hogan’s voice throughout such heartfelt compositions as “Call Me Anything” and “Perfect Blue Dizzy” serves as a further example of his dedication to the craft. The passage of time has significantly strengthened Hogan’s gift for storytelling, an ability that puts him within the leagues of Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, and even echoes of Tom Waits.  2009’s Long Night Coming and 2012’s SilverQuick are indicative of Hogan’s versatility as an artist, all while reaffirming his insatiable desire to share his gifts with the world.

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Torey Adler and Brendan Hogan

Recorded at A-Train Studios in Beverly, MA

Mastered by Torey Adler

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