Record Review: Boy+Kite

Go Fly
Austin, TX

“The soundtrack to life’s complex relationships”

Boy+Kite’s first full-length album, Go Fly, is one that can be blasted proudly in cars as the summer months come to a close.  The indie band from Austin created an album that showcases the band members’ different but complementary musical styles.  Listeners are able to hear Darvin Jones’ experimental quality on the album, whereas Beth Puorro’s style seems to be more structured and pop influenced.  The two contrasting styles intertwine to create an album that listeners can certainly be thrilled about.

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Boy+Kite – “Deciphering Static” by performermag

The first track on the record, “Neighbors,” is a great opener and sets the scene for the rest of the album.  If there had to be one song that showcases the distinct, experimental sound of this band, this would be it.

The theme of relationships is prominent and can be found within most of the album’s tracks. Another standout, “Ohio,” features complex guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that beg to be sung.

Relationships are complicated and are rarely black and white, but isn’t that what makes them exciting?  Boy+Kite’s recent release is just that.  After hearing this album, listeners will find themselves wanting to start a long-term relationship with Boy+Kite. (Self-Released)

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