Record Review: Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider
A Perfect Day
Austin, TX

“Soothing tunes with an endearing message”’

Soothing and endearing, Austin’s Bob Schneider speaks to the heart with his stirring collection of songs entitled A Perfect Day. The opening track, “Let the Light In” has a warm, fuzzy Mat Kearney feel to it, complete with slide guitars, synths, strings and horns.

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Further tracks like “Honeypot” and “Everything is Cool” deliver gorgeous textures of reverb and delay in Schneider’s vocals, with the haunting atmosphere of more echo guitars and synths.

“Peaches” is a standout – amiable, goofy and fun. It delivers Schneider’s full package. His personality is quirky, yet brilliant and thoughtful. “I love you blue sky/On a beautiful day/Hey what can I say?” brings out the joy of Schneider’s compositions.

“Everything You Love” is a genuine stadium rocker, great for arenas and outdoor summer festivals. Dramatic and listenable, the messages of longing and love are immediate. The band sets the pace, and the album flows nicely from track to track. Each instrument resonates in its own voice, not crashing into or overbearing another.

“Penelope Cruz” is a beautiful mixture of jangly guitars, stirring piano riffs, lush harmonica and charming backing vocals. The fact that each song is soft spoken and not too overpowering helps make Schneider’s record more irresistible to spin each time. Funny and charming, Schneider is infectious in his sound and persona – his songwriting versatile, blending a delightful mixture of folk, rock, country and soul genres.

A great effort by a talented songwriter. (Shockorama/Kirtland)

Produced by Dwight A Baker


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