Record Review: Bhi Bhiman

Bhi Bhiman


San Francisco, CA

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“Smooth and soulful sounds from a Sri Lankan-San Franciscan”

You only have to get about 30 seconds into Bhi Bhiman’s almost-self-titled album, Bhiman, to realize he’s one of those rare people who’s lucky enough to be doing what he was born to do. Though it’s only Bhiman’s second release, Bhiman might already be his personal masterpiece– but if the album proves anything, it’s that Bhiman is on his way to a long and storied career, so it might be too soon to tell.

Bhiman is Bhiman at his sincere, passionate best: a collection of songs that seem to define him, ranging from the bouncy to the brooding to the downright beautiful.  Bhiman has an exquisite ear for hooky melodies and pointed humor. Each song is delicate balance of punny rhymes, appealing melodies and powerful vocals, with a folky undertow that haunts the entire record. Something about Bhiman transports you back to a time before written music, reminding you of old, scratchy Lomax recordings. At the center of it all is his smooth, soaring voice. These are songs that will be stuck in your head for hours after, but you won’t really mind it. (Redeye)

Produced by Sam Kassirer

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