Record Review: Beauty Feast

Beauty Feast
Soft Spot
Brooklyn, NY

“Electrified campfire music”

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Next time there’s chilled beer bottles in the cooler, marshmallows melting over a fire and crickets chirping outside the tent, consider taking Soft Spot as the campout soundtrack.

The Bushwick ensemble presently features seven members, with two female songwriters who possess tantalizing vocals that pull listeners in like thick, green tendrils from the deep woods. Beauty Feast could easily be lumped into a New Age genre, but there is far more depth in this group than drunken bonfire numbers and instrumental songs consisting only of Buddhist chants and wind chimes. The acoustic folk in “It Grows It Grows” and “Soon We’ll Know” is soothing coffeehouse music with vivid imagery of the human heart and nature’s flora and fauna. “The River” has jingles of gospel and good ol’ Americana, particularly the vocals that paint country landscapes. “Things to Do” is a fun dive in a math-rock rhythm that’ll get the hipsters to put down their PBRs for a hoedown. “This House” is a minute and half story of disintegration and acceptance. Soft Spot ends with “Welcome Back,” where the title pays homage to the circle of life, and gives Beauty Feast’s audience a song to dance and celebrate to. This sophomore release is perfect for the next camping trip, but rest assured, it would be perfect for any day or setting. (Self-released)

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Shane O’Connell, Marty Sulkow and Ezra Tenenbaum

Mastered by Paul Gold

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