Record Review: Beans

End It All
Brooklyn, NY

“Innovative album from one of hip-hop’s freshest”

As seems to be common with his work, Brooklyn-based rapper Beans takes chances without worrying about how he’ll be perceived. On his latest release, End It All, he displays a more mature sound and even wittier lyrics than can be found in his work with Antipop Consortium. The rapper known for his distinctive, fast-flowing and poetic style doesn’t disappoint on this album.

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The opening track, “Superstar Destroyer,” features the 39 year-old rapper’s trademark rhyming style, blended together with a terrific backing track. There is an even mix of classic New York hip-hop and futuristic synths, which gives the number a timeless feel. Over the course of the album, Beans works with many of indie rock’s biggest names, including TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe.  But the standout track is “Electric Bitch,” produced by Interpol’s Sam Fogarino. The humming string sounds generated from the synth add an urgency that matches the rapper’s smooth flow. The instrumental outro, which builds with scratching and drums, is unique and provides evidence of Beans’ eagerness to experiment.

End It All augments Beans’ status in the hip-hop community as an artist who takes chances and succeeds in keeping his sound fresh and innovative, without alienating his fanbase. (Anticon Records)


-Daniel Kohn

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