Record Review: Bastards of Melody

by | Feb 1, 2011 | Reviews

Bastards of Melody
Hurry Up and Wait
West Orange, NJ

“30 minutes of quintessential power-pop”

Since their formation in 1998, Bastards of Melody have remained true to the power-pop formula.  The ear-pleasing opener, “Around You,” wastes no time getting things started.  Within seconds, the eager listener is immediately thrust into a realm of infectious, radio-friendly arrangements and sing-a-long choruses in the tradition of Big Star, Cheap Trick, and The Beatles, something that is prevalent throughout the entire effort. Driving riffs of the melodic “Dream Jeannine” are reminiscent of Kiss’ “Strutter,” while the corresponding harmonies evoke the California-based Galaxies’ “Here We Go Again.”  The relaxed, mid-tempo “Flunkin’ Out” finds lead vocalist Paul Crane nostalgically reflecting on the events of years past: “Romanticized all the stupid things we did, philosophized and blew smoke rings when we were kids.”

Themes of desolation and acquiescence permeate throughout the slightly mellower “Exit 10,” while “Unproductive” is the band’s shot at rollicking, fist-pumping punk.  It is, as the title suggests, an anarchical and humorous diatribe against a conventional, day-to-day existence.  A solid testament to their perseverance, Hurry Up and Wait is ferociously catchy and therefore, completely entertaining.  (FDR Records)

Recorded at Mastardville Studios, Room B, West Orange, NJ // Produced by Paul Crane // Mixed by Mike Moebius at Moonlight Mile Music, Hoboken, NJ // Mastered by Alan Douches at West Side Music