Record Review: Baby Baby

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Reviews

Baby Baby
Carrollton, GA

“They’ll do this all night long”

“You must not know who you’re dealing with,” Fontez Brooks whispers on Money’s tent pole track “Fire.” Then Baby Baby combusts into a feverish frenzy of breakdown dance-beats, grunge-worthy distortion, and one funky-ass bass line as the chorus chants “set my heart on fire!” It’s a beautiful moment from a garage-pop band that’s more punk than anything seen this side of the millennium.

Every track on Money features Brooks’ soulful yet cartoonish vocals, Grant’s impressive caveman-esque drumming and Kyle’s technical bass calisthenics. Newcomer Colin adds an air with breathy backups and miscellaneous percussion.

“Fire” predictably scorches. “London Bridges” is a heartfelt dance jam about being in the “friend zone.” “Fight Club” is surprisingly heavy with a down and dirty guitar line that they beat to death – fitting, considering the track’s title. It ends at least twice, only to start again (and again) in increasingly hilarious fashion.

Who would want it to end anyway? Baby Baby’s entertainment is infinite. Just look at the album’s title track, cleverly named “$.” Or the bank robbing fantasy “Nothing to Lose” where the perpetrators “have to be home by five.” It’s hilarious. The catchy melodies and memorable hooks are a bonus.

Money is just four dudes having fun slamming on their instruments and acting a fool. Fortunately they do so with surprising skill and the songs are a blast. It’s worth it just to hear Brooks rant about a bad date on the album’s first track, titled, “I Could Have Taken You to See the Blink 182 Reunion Show but I Spent $20 Taking You Out on a Date Instead and You Didn’t Return My Phone Call so Now I Want My Refund (aka $20).” Long live Baby Baby. (Gospel of Rhythm)

Recorded and mixed by Matt Goldman, Jonathan Newton, Joshua Lamar, Eric Friar and Cregg Gibson // Mastered by Matt Goldman and Carl Saff