Record Review: Angrepp

Stockholm, Sweden

“Rape, kill, rock ‘n’roll (their words, not ours)”

Stockholm’s Angrepp keeps the church fires burning with their primitive blend of D-beat punk and death-thrash metal. Some noobs will find their techniques bordering on Neanderthal, but it’s that old school vibe that makes Warfare a great listen.

Simplicity reigns in this bloody affair. Elements of early hardcore pervade the onslaught and the consistently guttural growls never venture into screeching territory, or worse, some horrid attempt at a vocal melody. There are times where the over-the-top lyrics are more comical than kitschy, but overall Warfare is dirty, blasphemous and as straightforward as a knife in the ribs.

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Angrepp throws in just enough flair to show they aren’t a group of hacks. Double kick rolls, blast beats, buzzsaw solos, black metal tremolos, and even breakdowns all make cameos appearances; but it’s the prevalent rock ‘n’ roll pace that keeps the fists (and heads) banging.

Heavy metal, unfortunately, has once again turned into a flashy, technical display of guitar acrobatics, digital-like drum skills, and multi-layered vocals. Well, thank the Antichrist some bands are staying true to the primordial cause. Not intended for the squeamish, easily offended, or the religious flock, Angrepp has its finger on the button and wants to watch everyone explode. (Abyss Records)

Recorded by Fredrik Widigs at Mellowdy Studios // Mixed and mastered in Unisound by Dan Swano

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