Record Review: Adam Klein

Adam Klein
Wounded Electric Youth
Athens, GA

“The spirit of Townes Van Zandt and The Jayhawks”

A combination of Americana, folk rock, and indie pop, singer-songwriter Adam Klein’s third release is lighthearted and nostalgic, putting forth the theme of introspection and soul-searching through picture-painted storytelling: “Driftin’ like the sun upon the water / Daydreamin’ like none of this is real / Don’t wake me; I can almost hear the ocean / Gonna burn these days away like a fever dream / Drinking sweet tea on my backyard porch swing / And oh I got a feeling it’s gonna be a five star day.”

The bold production, luminous melodies, and engaging anecdotes of summertime (“Driftin’”), unrequited love (“Anna, You Were Supposed to be Mine”), and subsequent longing (“Wayward Son”), along with vibrant imagery in the realm of Ryan Adams, Tim Easton, and Matt the Electrician are among the multitude of positive attributes that make Wounded Electric Youth an absolute pleasure to listen to.  The emotive “Once in Paris” is particularly indicative of personal growth: “I could love you more than you’ve ever known / All I got is time… / Turning into the man I wanna be.”  A beautiful effort, natural-born storyteller Klein has crafted a cohesive, elaborate, and expertly layered coming-of-age document. (Cowboy Angel Music)

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Recorded, produced, and mixed by AJ Adams at the Troubadour Den, Athens, GA // Mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1093, Athens, GA

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