Vinyl Of The Month: Vacant Fever

Vacant Fever
Kill Kill Kill
Seattle, WA


“Post-punk sludge atop pulsating rhythms”

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Vacant Fever’s new 7-inch is a delicious cocktail of sludge, post-punk rhythms and driving garage-rock attitudes. Fans of pre-Nevermind Nirvana will want to snatch this up in a heartbeat; while not exactly aping the feeling of Bleach, the record none-the-less evokes the same spirit of rock and roll missing from their fellow Washingtonians’ more polished output.

The opener, “Restless and Young,” is a droning anthem with a hypnotic, pulsating beat, which in turns unfolds into the title track’s more spaced out, grungy overtones. The drums are absolutely monstrous in the mix; with each pound of the toms and crash of the cymbals, Vacant Fever is ready to decimate your speakers.

Side Two opens with a more subdued track, “Yeah Yeah,” a snarky 60-second snippet that continues Side One’s Bleach-y vibe. The EP closes out with two of the band’s more melodic tracks, the best of which is “Like It Or Not,” featuring a decidedly more J Mascis aesthetic.

All in all, Vacant Fever has delivered one of the most promising records of the year. In an age where “mainstream” indie rock has become stale, predictable and non-threatening, Kill Kill Kill reminds us why we fell in love with rock and roll in the first place.

Produced by Larry Crane &Vacant Fever

Recorded and Mixed at Jackpot in Portland, OR

Mastered for Vinyl at JLM in Brooklyn by Joe Lambert

Size: 7-Inch

Speed: 45 RPM

Color: Black Vinyl

First Pressing: 500 Hand-Numbered Units


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