Unnatural Helpers

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Punk, Reviews

Land Grab

Seattle, WA

(Hardly Art)

“Seattle Sub-Punk”

Land Grab features intense punk rock that makes a conscious nod to the golden-era Sub Pop sound. Formed around singer/songwriter/drummer (and for those who enjoy trivia, a salesman for Sub Pop), Unnatural Helpers have undergone a variety of line-up changes, but have finally solidified enough to put out a full-length. Sounds swing between a definite punk fury to drawn out grunge-like jam sessions.

The recording quality of Land Grab is perfect for the genre. Gritty and edgy, but not as treble intensive as a lot of the garage rock bands on the market. Tracks like “Medication” and “Hate Your Teachers” are self-aware enough to hold it down in the Pitchfork scene, but also possess enough ’77-punk pogo to fit in with groups like The Briefs or early-era Pink Spiders (minus shades and skinny ties, of course). Also check out the Sonic Youth chops on “You’re Right” and the Who-esque theatrics on album closer “Julie Jewel.” This record sounds sweaty and out of control. Unnatural Helpers are keeping the flame lit for the bands that navigated Seattle in its immediate post-Nevermind era.

Recorded and Mixed by Kurt Bloch and Eric Randall