Stardog Champion – “Exhale” Review

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Punk, Reviews

Interesting take on punk that takes you right back to the good ol’ days”

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Stardog Champion’s new album, Exhale, is neither short on guitar nor drums, which is a recipe that will have you head banging and ready to mosh in no time. Don’t let that fool you, though.

Exhale is an emotionally-charged album saturated with passion. This balance between great guitar riffs and emotion creates a fantastically orchestrated record that’s slightly addictive, but not bad for your health.

Stardog Champion was formed in 2011 after a dispute between Aaron Fink, a former Breaking Benjamin member, and their lead singer Benjamin Burnley. Upon breaking away from the band, Fink reunited with former Lifer member (a band with whom he started his career) Nick Coyle. Fink and Coyle began Stardog Champion, picking up Josh Karis, former drummer of Leroy Justice, along the way.

This loud, aggressive rock is nothing to pass up. With the history of the band in mind, let yourself enjoy this new take on some of your favorite sounds that were brought to you by these members in another time.

Stardog-Champion-Exhale-CoverStardog Champion
Northeast, PA
Produced & Mixed by Neal Avron
Engineered by Erich Talaba
Mastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound, NYC