by | Nov 19, 2012 | Punk, Reviews


San Gabriel Valley, CA


“Post-punk sizzling with emotion and angst”


Filled with sizzling energy, Ruptures deliver the goods with an authentic look into post punk and screamo. Their music can easily startle listeners of softer genres, yet their approach is powerful, and the message they send can certainly reach many who feel their vision. The overall themes reflect echoes of pain, loss, rebirth and new hope. DECA is a collection of nine songs, cohesive and masterfully orchestrated to attract an audience yearning for something with an edge and attitude.

From San Gabriel Valley, California, Ruptures spill their souls and hearts to create a sound that is unmistakably post-punk, yet they are original and express a unique, trademark sound.  “Junegloom,” “MECA” and “Circles” are the highlights here. Each song is filled with angst, and perhaps each track is just the right length, clocking around two minutes. Albums like these are great to exercise too, perfect for releasing stress and letting off steam. Certainly DECA is strong enough to be used for a cop movie or action movie soundtrack.

The production quality is strong; each instrument played is executed with great precision, and the vocals are spot on. A great album for the post-punk genre, certainly Ruptures as a band will turn the heads of many as they continue their fall tour.