Record Review: The Supplement

The Supplement


Los Angeles, CA

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“Short blasts of defiance and the return of SoCal punk”

Just when you thought that the rip-roaring, shredding, and battering sounds of the punk scene had officially died out, a breath of intensity-induced fresh air like The Supplement comes along. Honing in on their punk rock roots, The Supplement strives to create a more mature sound with direction and ambition

In the true style of punk, each track lasts for no more than two and half minutes. They serve as short and determined bursts of energy and ferocity. “Things We Do” sets the stage for the album’s progression with fast guitar riffs. Tracks like “Wasted Life” and “Smash Through You” are angst-ridden anthems about lost love, disappointment and the determination to rise above it. There SoCal roots truly shine through on “Raise Your Glass.”

There is a less gritty texture to The Supplement’s brew of punk, but nonetheless they bring back memories of what punk used to be – in your face, no-holds-barred, “do what we want” defiance. (Self-released)

Mixed and Produced at Pacifica Studios, Los Angeles

Engineered by Glen Nishida

Produced by Brian Michaels

Mastered by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood

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