Record Review: Ruptures

Los Angeles, CA

“Cali band brings brains and brawn to the table with latest offering”

Ruptures are a hardcore band of dudes that have a lot going for them. Aside from having the riffs, raw power and looks of four guys that are there to simply tear stuff up, the band has intelligence to match. Adormidera, Ruptures’ latest offering, is a 20-minute burst of brawn and brains that shines in the no-bull structures of songs that race to beat the clock in under three minutes. The band takes a genre that has been done and done again and makes it interesting and listenable – think Refused in ’98 or Comeback Kid’s debut – in unpredictable changes, a punishing bass and a two-punch combo that are the band’s guitarists.

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The recording and production outshines their prior release, Milkbled, which is most apparent in the re-recorded “Mother.” Recorded and mixed by Alex Estrada, Adormidera sees slicker drums, the on-the-verge-of-feedback-every-second guitars and vocals that are presented with much more confidence and energy. The album’s key track is the trippy closer, “Nhadha,” which features a tense breakdown that leads into a chorus that will have sweaty fans screaming along.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alex Estrada at Earth Capital Studios in LA

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