Record Review: Peelander-Z

Super DX Hitz
New York, NY

“Punk Cowboy Bebop Collection”

From the bowels of their distant planet and musical catalogue, Peelander-Z has released Super DX Hitz. Chronicling their 13-year history of spasmodic, hyper-animated, Japanese comedy-punk, this 28-song anthology chugs along at 200 BPM dashing through topics ranging from love and dragons to laundry and Detroit.

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Seemingly conceived on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba, “So Many Mike” is a blast beat driven, infectious dance-of-joy that bobs up and down like a musical pogo stick. Clocking in under two minutes and scantily clad in elementary-aged lyrics, the song describes the dizzying overuse of the names “Mike” and “Joe” as its chorus pleads, “Don’t Confuse Me.”

The raucous fun continues in the lo-fi, chant-heavy comic rocker, “Manga Man.” Rather fittingly, the song is a frighteningly similar, all Japanese, punked-out take on the Power Rangers’ Megazord formation soundtrack – so raw it would knock Rita Repulsa on her ass.

What Super DX Hitz may lack in technical prowess and variety, it overwhelmingly makes up for with absurdity, artistry, and “fun, fun fun.” (Chicken Ranch Records)

Produced by Peelander-Z

Executive Producer Michael Dickinson

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