Record Review: Borderline Eleven

Borderline Eleven
Read Between The Lines
Hooksett, NH

“NH punks inspire with debut record”

A slow starter, Borderline Eleven’s debut album Read Between The Lines will energize listeners with guitar driven neo-punk. It may not be much of a problem to say that the New Hampshire-based group’s weakest point is vocals; punk isn’t exactly a genre known for impressive lead singers. What’s important is what the band succeeds in, high-energy songs heavy on guitar and drums.

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“Wait Outside” is a sing-able anthem with a distinctly pop sound, while “Sweet Beginnings and Sour Endings” provides an uplifting point of view on life’s disappointments. Breakups inspire tearing guitar breakdowns throughout the album, while new relationships are the subject of the earnest acoustic ballad “2 A.M.”

Borderline Eleven has pieced together an impressive debut album full of audible angst, head pounding guitar and strong lyrics. (Tate Music Group)

Recorded and mixed at Rocking Horse Studio, Pittsfield, NH // Engineered by Brian Coombes

-Maureen McDermott

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