3PM – “Change of Plans” Review

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Punk, Reviews

Some initial thoughts on 3PM: Unapologetic pop-punk from a very young group of dudes in B’More. Catchy guitar pop in the vein of early Blink-182 and (very) early New Found Glory. Definitely reminiscent of the radio circa 2000.


Due to the musicians’ ages (ranging from 15-21) one could maybe call this vintage. Let’s be realistic for a moment here, when Blink-182’s career-defining Enema of the State was released, one of the members of 3PM was 2 and one of them was 1.

This is possibly why the group is so quick to fly the flag of bands like Good Charlotte (a group who, for those who were there, was sort of a four-letter word during their peak). This isn’t a bad thing, just an interesting note on the potential for “timelessness” from the genre’s early albums. Again, this is millennium-era radio-ready pop-punk that completely bypassed the hardcore influence that crept up on bands like New Found Glory later in their lifespan (meaning fans of Set Your Goals or A Day to Remember can skip this one). Fans of Blink-182 should check out the riff at the top of “You Can Only Find Her in the Safari Zone,” and those who sided more with New Found Glory can get their fix with “Your Best Mistake.”

Recorded at Buzzlounge Studios by Eric Taft


  • 3pm3PM
  • Change of Plans
  • Baltimore, MD
  • (Self-released)
  • “B’More boys sing songs about girls who might be twice their age”