Plume Giant


New Haven, CT


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“Angelic harmonies and joyful, alluring indie folk sounds”


A beautiful mixture of folk and indie with slices of ’60s harmonies, Plume Giant is a trio of musicians that first met at Yale University, working together to release their first EP, Plume Giant in 2010.

Their sophomore release, entitled Callithump, blends together carefully crafted harmonies with introspective lyrics and breathtaking arrangements. Oliver Hill (guitar, viola, voice), Nolan Green (guitar, harmonica, voice) and Eliza Bagg (violin, harmonium, trinkets, voice) contribute dazzling sounds with great energy and fervor.

Using intricate sounds of tambourines, harmonicas and melodicas to accompany their vocals, Plume Giant took their hometown of New Haven, Connecticut by storm and look to brighten the moods of listeners as they continue their 2012 fall tour.

“Kensico Dam” is soothing and joyful. One cannot help falling in love with the warm sounds of “November,” a delightful and alluring love ballad. “We Got it Made,” a song of the wonders of summer, features sparkling pianos and horns with a tangy, humorous vocal approach.

“Wait It Out” opens with stunning guitars and powerfully moving strings. The vocals again are raw, earthy, and nakedly genuine. The percussion comes in, and one is taken away with the spirit of an array of charming violas.

A gorgeously produced record, Plume Giant creates an extraordinary piece of art, surely winning over listeners by the thousands with each town to travel to. A pleasure to listen to, either passively or actively. Many surprises awaken one’s ears and heart with each repeated listen.

Produced by James Frazee & Plume Giant

Engineered and Mixed by James Frazee

Mastered by Warren Russell-Smith at The Magic Shop


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