Pissed Jeans – Honeys

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Indie Rock, Reviews

Pissed Jeans
Allentown, PA
(Sub Pop)

“Spray paint the walls, piss on your jeans”

Pissed Jeans is what most would consider “classic hardcore,” meaning their simple, stripped-down approach to hardcore has more to do with black coffee and SST than it does with flat irons and eyeliner. Comprised of four angry dudes, Honeys is the group’s fourth album, and third for Seattle label Sub Pop. Opening up with a one note, 20-second bass solo from hell, Pissed Jeans smashes through their opening number “Bathroom Laughter” with the intensity and neurosis that will make this album a instant hit with any fan of Henry Rollins.

Although there are a few low moments (“Cafeteria Food” and the way too Danzig-ish sounding “Loubs”), Pissed Jeans should prove a treat for their longtime fans, as well as anyone looking to fill the void of the OFF! LP only being 15 minutes long. Again, if you are down with early-’80s sludge rock, this is your new favorite band. It’s like going into your old record collection and all of a sudden finding out your favorite band has a new record you never knew about. Don’t believe it? Go listen to Pissed Jeans’ song “Cat House.” Right? Exactly.