“All the energy and potential that alt-country should offer”

The Mountain

Wilmington, DE

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There are a slew of bands coming out these days that could be the next Mumford and Sons. Some clearly are doing more justice to that potential than others. Few, however, are showing a unique potential so early after their formation as Delaware’s New Sweden. Although their music won’t sweep the listener away to Delaware, it’s likely to get them up and dancing, and, once they’ve learned the lyrics, singing along. Through lead-singer Billy Dobies’ semi-slurring and group hollering of “A Poor Man’s Song” to the lyrical cleverness of “Saint, Don’t You Lie” (“If I can predict the future we’ll be dead”), the whole album is pure potential.

The rowdier they get, the better it seems to come off, although the more laid back tracks such as “Like a Fool” and “View From the Mountain” still hold their own thanks again to well thought out lyrics and perfectly placed violins and percussion.  By incorporating tight harmonies and mixing up their sound, New Sweden has managed to make an album that flows smoothly, no matter what mood they seem to be in at the moment.

Produced by Ritchie Rubini

Engineered by Nick DiDia


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