Mountain Sounds – Self-Titled

Mountain Sounds
Mountain Sounds
San Lucas Sacatepequez, Guatemala & Portland, OR

“Collision of cultures, recorded in an abandoned Guatemalan orphanage”

Mountain Sounds is driven by an undying love for music and creativity. Their debut self-titled album blends together vibrant sounds with more pared-down musings and deeply introspective lyricism. Franc Castillejos and Tim Hoyt are the duo behind the name and they took a unique approach to the creation of their debut album. Rather than recording in a fancy studio, they headed to the mountains of Guatemala and the entire endeavor came to life in a vacant orphanage.

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The album opens with “Lion or the Bee” and is instantly captivating. Sound is layered in a complex and engaging fashion, creating a rich and unique perspective. As the album progresses, tracks like “Miles to Welcome” and “When You Have Money” convey a sense of acceptance for the struggles in life and a willingness to embrace whatever comes up. Castillejos’ lyrics are poignant and even when shrouded in metaphor, speak truthfully to the adventure of life. The composition of the album is impressive. Castillejos and Hoyt play every instrument and the recording process was a simple, bare-bones affair. The result is an organically flowing and raw musical journey that emphasizes their passion for their craft.

Many bands have taken the DIY path before, but not always ended with a result as impressive as Mountain Sounds. This pair is driven by a passion for music and a love of their craft. Their dedication and willingness to take risks has paid off and left listeners with album that is an entertaining and thought-provoking journey.

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