Mike + Ruthy

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Reviews

“When clever lyrics, beautiful harmonies, and two hearts combine”


Woodstock, NY

(Humble Abode Music)

Folk duo Mike + Ruthy are back again with their newest release, The NYC EP, featuring a combination of thoughtful lyrics and beautiful harmonies that capture the essence of American music. In the two years since Performer last featured Mike + Ruthy, the duo has continued to evolve and refine their sound into this summer’s must-hear acoustic album.

The EP starts off with a nostalgic arrangement of the Woody Guthrie song “My New York City.” From there they kick up the tempo with “On My Way Home,” with its driving banjo backdrop and lyrics full of lost faith and homesickness. Mike + Ruthy draw the listener in with the sultry number “Romance in the Dark,” complete with an accompanying harmonica and lyrics like “I get such a thrill when he presses his fingertips upon my lips and he begs me to please, please be still.” Other noteworthy tracks include “Oh Mama,” with powerful vocals from Ruthy and the smart addition of saxophone to round out the bluesy sound, as well as “Raise Your Glasses High” featuring seamless harmonies and beautiful fiddle work to close out the record.


Reminiscent of lemonade and front porches, Mike + Ruthy’s The NYC EP is an excellent addition to any summer soundtrack.

Recorded and Mixed by Robin MacMillan and Jacob Silver

Mastered by Doug Krebs, Seattle, WA

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