Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – “Black Pudding”

Mark-Lanegan-Duke-Garwood-Black-PuddingMark Lanegan & Duke Garwood
Black Pudding
Los Angeles, CA
(Ipecac Recordings)

“Unconventional, emotive landscapes of sound and lyricism”

There is an incomparable intensity encompassing Mark Lanegan and his signature bluesy baritone-filled melancholia.  With his sin-soaked voice and lyrical depth that knows no bounds, he is hauntingly seductive, a quality that he has undoubtedly perfected, and continues to expand upon.

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When combined with the legendary Duke Garwood’s treasure trove of instrumental accompaniments – which include the slow building of an acoustic guitar, a violin, and even a sitar – the result is an intimate, timeless record that epitomizes the definition of cult classic.

Consider the all-too-familiar theme of “War Memorial,” Lanegan’s first-person narrative of a fallen soldier, complete with gruesome imagery that could fit easily within the pages of All Quiet on the Western Front: “…saw a squad of deserters hung from an oak / saw officers shot from their saddles / through driving snow and black smoke,” while the majesty of “Death Rides a White Horse” finds a tiresome but resilient Lanegan daring the Grim Reaper to take his life: “slide the needle in until it doesn’t hurt.”  The most intriguing shift occurs with the Howlin’ Wolf and James Brown-inspired “Cold Molly,” in which Lanegan’s innuendos drip with sensuality in his urgency: “make my rooster crow,” “love me each and every way,” and “come out and play.” Such interplay from dirge to electronic-flavored funk is perfectly placed, and further evidence of the magic that is this duo.

  • Recorded at Pink Duck, Burbank by Justin Smith
  • “Last Rung” Piano Recorded by Strat in Prestwich
  • Mixed by Alain Johannes at 11AD, West Hollywood

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