Manifestivus 2011 Final Wrap-Up

Going to a festival alone is always a toss up. This couldn’t have gone any better. I arrived curious, and left excited to return to Manifestivus in 2012.

Toubab Krewe’s Manifestivus in Cabot Vermont is done small, but done right. The festival has the same modest amount of vendors as other tiny ventures (like liveLive! Music & Arts Festival), but with a few more attendees. Given the size of the land, the turnout felt perfect. It was comfortable to move around, but not barren. After spending two weeks on the road jumping around to major events like Camp Bisco and All Good, Manifestivus was quite refreshing. It’s not as big as Some Kind of Jam, but the festival is so well put together that you wouldn’t be able to tell. Out of the tiny east coast productions put out this summer Manifestivus, so far, ranks first. This was my initial opinion of the festival, and by the end, my feelings were only magnified.

Manifestivus curves around farmland, with secret pathways through the woods and a small pond with sandy shores, dancing children, and lovable Vermonters. The attendees were young, old, local, and international, the perfect mix of generations and personalities. Manifestivus has to be the most no drama, upbeat and down-to-earth backyard party I’ve been to yet.  The lineup was one of the more interesting ones that I’d encountered, with tons of world music and interesting international and local acts. There are plenty of great photos from the weekend above, in addition to the live reviews and videos that were posted throughout the event (see our Live Review section).

see more photos of Manifestivus at M E G A L O M A N D E E

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