Live Review: Wobblesauce at The Big Up 2011

Oh dance-rock, with your dub bass lines, weird synth grooves, and fat beats. We can’t seem to get enough of you this summer. As part of the electronic wave sweeping over jam nation, Wobblesauce is carving their own path using a little blues and a little funk to take the electro-rock sound and make it more groovy. The guitarist’s energy made the set what it was, and it wouldn’t have been the same without him. Their Wobbledragon floundered about the crowd during their set, dancing through people as Wobblesauce drew a bigger crowd.

One thing about Wobblesauce is they tend to leave you with odd transitions that feel off kilter, and they can be predictable. This band gives you a lot of diverse pieces of music to fall in love with, but sometimes they lack a synthesis, and it kills their mood. Truth be told – If I were an epic video game character, this would be my soundtrack. Glitchy, melodic, dance-rock, and at times fun, dubbed down, and fat as hell.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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