Live Review: Toubab Krewe at All Good 2011

Toubab Krewe brought the sun down before Further at All Good 2011. They      were heavier than usual, plugged in and wading through funky grooves. Playful, jammy, West African inspired roots music with world-traveled influences. It’s hard to put your finger on Toubab Krewe and identify that one sound when they’re constantly making so many. In a coalescence of inspirations, instruments, and styles Toubab Krewe cast a dynamic, spirited live performance. They have their own festival in Cabot, VT this weekend called Manifestivus. We’ll see you there! For now, here’s a small clip from their performance at this past All Good Music Festival:

Toubab Krewe at All Good 2011

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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