Live Review: The War on Drugs

Seeing The War on Drugs live for a second time was way more gratifying than my first time around. Granted, I did get a one-on-one interview with lead singer Adam Granduciel moments before their headlining show at Brighton Music Hall last year. However, audience members were scarce and those who were present didn’t exude the enthusiasm I highly anticipated.

But at their recent Middle East show, they played to an almost sold out crowd. Granduciel graciously dedicated the show to his parents, who were in the audience because they are in fact Boston natives. Opening with the pulsating lead single off of Slave Ambient (“Baby Missiles”), it was clear that The War On Drugs had every intention of crowd-pleasing while effortlessly displaying stoic musicianship. Blazing through tracks like “Comin’ Through,” “Brothers,” “It’s Your Destiny,” and my personal favorite “Taking the Farm,” the crowd jovially danced and sang along as they proved to be a refreshing variation of all ages. The War On Drugs possess a live energy that went from pure excitement to soothing calmness–a dynamic that will ensure an even larger crowd the next time they come to town.

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