Live Review: The Damnwells

The Mint // Los Angeles, CA // June 29

The Mint was packed Friday night as fans, both old and soon to be new, waited in anticipation to hear the indie rock band, The Damnwells, perform songs off their recent release, No One Listens to the Band Anymore. The name of the album is lead singer, Alex Dezen’s reflection of present day music listeners and the importance of connecting with them on a musical level.  After witnessing the performance, it is safe to say that Dezen followed through with the message behind the title and secured his fan base in Los Angeles.

The small venue made it seem as though the band was larger than life, which was a great thing.  Each instrument took on a life of its own while maintaining a sense of control as each song seemed to seamlessly morph into the next.  Their sound is a perfect balance of instrumental intricacy and velvety harmonies that leave you wanting to hear more.

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The band played songs that instantaneously made the crowd sway back and forth such as their new song, “Werewolves,” a track off their recent album.  The calming synth sections and impressive guitar breaks went unnoticed as we watched them perform in awe and relaxation.  The sound of Dezen’s acoustic guitar mixed with that of the electric guitar was nothing less than beautiful.

There have been many changes that have gone on throughout the bands ten year existence.  Various members have joined and left the band, record labels have been signed and dropped, but the one thing that remains consistent is the band’s commitment and appreciation for fans.  After all, the recording process for their most recent album was funded by their fans from PledgeMusic, a music site where fans can actively contribute to the making of a band’s release.  The Damnwells are living proof that the barrier can be broken between the band and the people who listen to them.

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