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Where: Great Scott – Allston, MA
When: October 22
Highlight: “Complete delirium” with sweat and broken heels

Amidst a sea of plaid shirts and knit hats, Nikki Dessingue and Kurt Schneider of Stereo Telescope delivered a short yet banging performance for the folks over at Great Scott. Before the show, Nikki described performing as “complete delirium” as she put on elaborate makeup in the cramped women’s bathroom. The duo commanded the full attention of the audience; Nikki, more aggressive than Kurt on stage, invited the crowd to gather around and “taste the sweat,” as they pumped up the synthesizers and got the show started.


The synth is definitely the backbone of Stereo Telescope’s sound, providing a seamless transition between songs while other instruments are purely supplementary. The upbeat tunes kept the crowd moving from start to finish. Nikki and Kurt worked well together, with complementary voices; Nikki had a higher, striking voice while Kurt had lower, smooth undertones. While the lighting was colorful and worked well with the feel of their songs, the sound system did not do them justice: their voices were often drowned out and the synthesizer was so heavy at times that it was hard to tell if it was feedback or on purpose.

Overall, the music felt like The Postal Service on speed with beats similar to Radiohead and a focus on the female vocals. Stereo Telescope’s passion for their music is evident on stage, even if it means breaking a high heel (Nikki’s, not Kurt’s) at the end of the night: rocking out at it’s finest.

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