Live Review: Severity

Swayze’s // Marietta, GA // January 22

Severity formed recently from the remnants of local metal bands Manic and Delusional Mind, featuring two guitarists, one bassist and a drummer. For a foursome, these guys put on a heavy, progressive metal show full of odd time signatures similar to those found in the music of Tool or Dream Theater, with thrash overtones like what one would hear from Megadeth or Iron Maiden. Severity started its short, debut set at Swayze’s with the single “Ritual,” and by the end of the song all the people who had come to support the band had filled the room and huddled around the stage.

When “Ritual” broke down with swelling guitars people cheered for what they thought was the end of the first song, but this was when the drums opened up a raucous rhythm and the guitarists unleashed their soloing talent as they took turns impressing the audience. BeATLanta promoted the second song, “Plague,” as their “Song of the Week” before the show, promoting the fact that the singer took inspiration for the lyrics from documentaries showing that the processing of food led to the current epidemic of obesity. He added the idea to the song that this may lead to an incurable “Plague” with the repeated phrase in the chorus, “We made you grow fat.”

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The third number, “Temple of Cadeus,” announced tongue-in-cheek as a “fast one,” and the finale, “A-N-L-O-P,” sealed the deal for local fans seeking new metal heroes. Severity played a tight show packed with a combination of expressive riffs and compelling solos, driven by dynamic drums and bass, and tempered by raging vocals that varied between gritty and melodic.

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