Live Review: Ross Livermore Band

Church // Boston, MA// November 5

Delivering some of the best high-energy funk/rock and somber folk music, the Ross Livermore Band is an incredibly inspirational act. Their music and stage presence creates a comfortable atmosphere that captures audiences, bringing them into their own world. Performing a mix of folk, funk, jazz, and rock, each song holds a unique style, while lead singer Ross Livermore holds the music together with his raw, truthful lyrics. Starting the night off with the upbeat funk of “Turpentine,” they instantly had the crowd dancing.

Each composition is typically accompanied by improvisation. Saxophonist Jonathan Bousquet adds an endearing element, from hushed flutters to an all out barrage of notes, helping to maintain that rugged jazz sound. As Livermore’s acoustic guitar chimes brightly within the rhythm, his wide vocal range carries the band. Talented drummer Paul Dumas adds more than just the beat. He creates complex fills while utilizing all parts of the kit. Blending with the band, Neil Taylor delivers pulsing bass grooves that lock in the rhythm. Lastly, enormously skilled guitarist Brad Garone effortlessly switches between pensive finger picking and strumming, employing raw pedal effects for jaw-dropping solos.

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With a clear sense of melody and rhythm, their music is memorable and fun. The band clearly has a blast finding a common flow and pushing the rhythms into explosive new directions. Ending the night with “The Keepers,” they drove home a swinging, funky groove. They are certain to leave any audience in complete elation and awe.

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