Live Review: Infamous Krewe at Manifestivus 2011

What a great concept Рa West African jam band joining forces with an American bluegrass outfit. Toubab Krewe coupled with the Infamous Stringdusters Friday night at Manifestivus to create The Infamous Krewe. The result? Fun songs that evoke world roots influences Рfrom east to west. It was fun to watch the personalities meld onstage, you could tell this was one of the first times the two bands had attempted a jam together. The Stringdusters started the set solo and slowly, as the hour ticked by, members from Toubab Krewe trickled on stage. The  marriage of all these players, styles, and influences got the crowd pumped. We got a couple of videos from the performance. Check them out.

The Infamous Stringdusters:

The Infamous Krewe:

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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