Live Review: Glassjaw with Tidal Arms and These People

Long Island New York’s Glassjaw performed a sold out tremendous set at the Paradise Rock Club last Friday. There were many eager fans waiting to hear and see them. They played material from their 2002 sophomore release Worship and Tribute, (including Ape Dos Mil, The Gillette Calvacade of Sorts, Two Tabs of Mescaline), “Siberian Kiss” from their debut Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Silence, other b-sides (Jesus Glue, El Mark), and their full new EP Coloring Book. Also, after the show for the people who stayed until the very end, got a free copy of that new EP.

Glassjaw invited two other New York bands to open the show. The three piece gloom rockers, Tidal Arms and the contrasting energetic pop rockers, These People.

-Matt Lambert

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