Live Review: Dopapod

Paradise Rock Club // Boston, MA // October 7, 2010


The newly renovated Paradise Rock Club was packed to the gills as countless whistles, screams and chants of “Dopapod” filled the venue. The genre bending trance, funk/experimental band Dopapod has been expanding their musical ability with every passing show, and their raw energy and vitality were tangible right from the beginning. They kicked the night off with the strange, experimental bewilderment of “Nuggy Jawson,” sending the crowd into an immediate frenzy.

Dopapod creates memorable and rich melodies in their intensely dynamic songs, while still leaving plenty of room for improvisation. You will never experience a dull moment during one of their shows. In each number, the best parts are the slow builds that are then driven into heart pounding jams of ferociously fast rolls, swells and explosions. Dopapod delivers consistently energetic live performances that get the crowd dancing the entire night. As guitarist Rob Compa virtually lifts the notes off his guitar neck with incredible speed, keyboardist Eli Winderman bursts into a fierce array of piano wizardry. Bassist Chuck Jones adds his unconventional talent with intense and unique playing. Drummer Neil “fro” Evans brings it all together with hard-hitting beats and intricate fills.

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Every note they play holds a hypnotic and transcendent grip on their listeners. Known for their dynamic creativity, their music consists of remarkably brilliant complexities. During the show they surprised the audience with an outstanding performance of  “Groundhogs Day” by Primus. They also played some new material, which was met with cheers and applause, until ending the night with an impressive cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Their sound is among the most thrilling in the psychedelic scene today. With a bright future ahead of them, Dopapod is destined to blow the doors off of any venue.

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