Live Review: Dex Romweber Duo

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Where: Star Bar – Atlanta, GA

When: July 23

Dex Romweber Duo played a show at Star Bar for their new CD release, Is That You in the Blue? The venue, small and dark with linoleum flooring, plenty of PBR, and staff you don’t want to cross, is the place the duo plays most, and for good reason. It’s the perfect stage for the rockabilly legend, Dex, and his sister Sara to fit in. The crowd gets so close that they become part of the act. This creates an audience that gets as sweaty as the main act while they drink, dance, cheer and sing along with the band. This night was no different.

Sara arranged her drum kit, then she fixed up the set lists, and attached Dex’s to his Randall amp. When the drums were perfect, Dex came out with a Danelectro guitar, instead of his signature Silvertone, and plugged right in. “We’re ready,” he said, and started staight into “Mexicali Baby.”

Dexter’s voice was extremely raw and bluesy. Without a visual, Dex could easily be mistaken for an old blues legend. Visually, things were almost as deceiving. He wore an early ’60s hairdo reminiscent of Elvis, and his face, with loose jowls and pouting lips, gave him the look that says, “I’m a blues man.” And the way he handled the Danelectro, with such confidence and ease, told of his 25+ years of experience, requiring no guitar pedals whatsoever. It was like the guitar and vocals resonated from the soul. Sister Sara was a great accompanist, banging steadily and firmly on the drum kit, creating rhythms that would hold up without bass. Some songs didn’t require her drumming, however. In the middle of the show, Dex performed alone. Before thinking this sounds White Stripes-like, Dex’s band Flat Duo Jets was Jack White’s inspiration.

Photos by Gail Fountain.

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