Live Review: Delta Rae

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

Delta Rae at The Mint // Los Angeles // June 24, 2011

LISTEN NOW: “Sweet” by Delta Rae


Once again, The Mint brought Los Angeles great music this past weekend. Delta Rae, a soulful country band from North Carolina, delivered a strong performance on Friday night and performed a few songs off their recent debut EP, Delta Rae. The album speaks to a young audience and addresses themes including metamorphosis, heartbreak and the importance of staying grounded.

It was hard not to notice the three blondes that resembled one another on stage. Perhaps it was because three of the five band members just so happened to be related. Keyboardist and guitarist, Eric Holljes, opened the set with “Morning Comes.” The song showcased his effortless piano skills and touched on finding hope in life’s darkness.

It seemed as though all eyes were fixated on the two ladies center stage. Brittany Holljes and Elizabeth Hopkins delivered beautiful harmonies and added percussion to each song. Hopkins’ soft, husky voice blended perfectly with Eric Holljes during their duet, “Deliver.” Brittany Holljes’ angelic presence quickly vanished when she belted “Fire,” the strongest performance of the night.

Midway through the performance, the band surprised everyone by leaving the stage and singing side-by-side with the audience. “We’re breaking the fourth wall,” said Brittany Holljes. The group didn’t need microphones in order to showcase their incredible vocal range. Guitarists and brothers, Eric and Ian Holljes, kept the crowd moving with their acoustic strumming.

Delta Rae’s music is relatable because they write about topics that affect everyone, and they left the Mint’s crowd wanting more. The band didn’t come back on stage for an encore, rather they left the crowd wondering,, “Where can I buy their album and when can I see them again?”