Live Review: Cut Copy

Coming to this show, I wasn’t in the greatest of spirits. While I was impressed with Cut Copy’s Zonoscope and would praise the songs on their latest album without even needing a breath to think about it, I did not know what to expect when walking into the House of Blues. But suddenly, things started to take a turn for the better. The show was nearly sold out–the only tickets that were left were third floor balcony. I was able to receive a photo pass as promised (although I passed it on to my plus one, because I can’t take photos worth a damn). And as we waited to get in line, a couple so strongly in love thought it appropriate to wear matching chicken suits, which had me on the floor nearly crying because I was laughing so hard. Not sure why I thought it was that funny, but that alone made me coming to this show worth it.


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We made it just in time to see Cut Copy’s set from the beginning. Upon entrance to the venue, I was again quickly discouraged–but this time by who was in attendance. Besides the chickens, the audience was full of drunken bro dudes who insisted on busting out their best (which means worst) dance moves even before the band took the stage. But to my surprise, as Cut Copy graced the stage, everyone’s attention was focused entirely on them. Frontman Dan Whitford was dancing away to his own lush sounds as the Australian facet opened with “Visions,” off of 2008’s In Ghost Colours. From that album, they also performed songs like “Lights and Music” and the haunting “Hearts on Fire.” They also satisfied my craving for more recent material by giving us “Take Me Over,” “Pharoahs and Pyramids,” and “Sun God.” Granted, Whitford’s moves left little to be desired (they were eerily reminiscent of Friendly Fires’ lead singer Ed Macfarlane’s spastic quirky steps), but the crowd followed suit. As they quit the stage, the crowd demanded more. This prompted CC to give an encore of “Need You Now” and “Out There On The Ice.” Apparently, onlookers were insatiable and demanded yet another song. Cut Copy appeased once more and gave us “Feel The Love.” As soon as they were finished though, the house lights and music came on so we wouldn’t have the chance to demand anything else. Given the opportunity, I’m sure the crowd could have gone all night, though. Which is one of the reasons I’ve learned to love Boston.

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