Live Review: CopperTonic at Manifestivus 2011

The one exceptional thing about CopperTonic is lead singer Michelle Sarah’s voice. Second to none at Manifestivus, Michelle sings effortlessly. CopperTonic’s vocals are drenched in soul, and they seem to fall out of Michelle’s mouth, smoothing over the crowd like freshly churned butter. Her band is tight, her backup singer is playful and cute, and the crowd loved her. I have to say that off the bat, CopperTonic seemed like a Type A, white-bred soul factory. Coming from Philly, they’re already tadpoles in a big, big pond. Somewhere between an outstanding, profoundly heartfelt rendition of Tell Me Something Good and performing their original material, CopperTonic won me over. It’s not just that voice of Michelle’s, but it sure did help.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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