Live Review: Consider the Source

The Stone Church // Newmarket, NH // February 26, 2011

The night started out rocky for Consider The Source, who began their journey earlier in the day in New York. Breaking down just an hour away might have sent the band back home, but with the help of some loyal fans, they made it to Newmarket, NH just in time to play an hour-long set.

I Consider(ed) The Source, and figured it out. In between bendy rhythms and electrifying highs and lows, the band peaks time and time again. It’s all sex and orgasms. Their facial expressions as they play, a natural progression from their instruments to the intensity of their arrangements and the piping hot energy of their sound, are as involuntary and welcomed as an orgasm during sex. The fact that they concluded their set with an encore of “Moisturize The Situation,” a song about masturbation, proves my point.

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Consider The Source offers no vocals, just a Sci-Fi fusion of eastern Indian influences and training, non-stop metal-infused shredding via all three instruments (bass, drums, and double-head guitar), and the perpetual groove of solid funk music. There are no lost moments and no overly drawn-out lead-you-nowhere jams, only spine-chilling music that moves into your core and stays there, resonating.

It’s easy to say that this band is different, special even. Indeed they are. Working incredible finger-work into the throaty texture of blues and and the booty-bumping effect of funk, they tell a story that needs not one word. Their eastern studies are constantly effected in their music, whining and twisting the audience into an explosive sensory experience, timed by the beat of a heart. Utterly complex and progressive, yet undeniably understandable, Consider The Source is something else entirely, affording a sound and experience that the music movements across the United States have yet to contend.

-Amanda Macchia

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