Live Review: Bush

WHEN: October 15

WHERE: Boston, MA

HIGHLIGHT: ’90s alt rockers in top form, having never missed a beat.

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Touring after releasing their first album in ten years—an album that has garnered lukewarm reviews from even the most loyal listeners—isn’t an easy feat by any means. But seasoned alternative rockers Bush rose to the occasion effortlessly. Granted, it was an all ages show, so some people in attendance weren’t even born when gems like Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase were released back in the ’90s. But that didn’t stop anyone from being grateful to indulge in such a rare live performance.

Bush – The Sound Of Winter by eOne Music

Filter and Chevelle were wonderful opening acts. The latter had a much stronger stage presence, as the brooding and ridiculously cute frontman Pete Loeffler blasted through hits like “Vitamin R ( Leading Us Along)” and “Send The Pain Below” as he made snarky observations about audience members. More specifically, he called out a couple for making out in front of him as the band played—an occurrence he did not appreciate in the least. Ultimately it was the 2002 hit single “The Red” off of their major label debut Wonder What’s Next that brought down the house.

And then there was Bush.

As soon as the lights dimmed, they consumed the stage and one fact became immediately clear—they still had it. From the opening chord of “Machinehead” to the rambunctious repetition of “The People That We Love” to the desperate chorus of “Swallowed,” everything was entirely on point. Not only has Rossdale never sounded better, he’s never looked better, either. The man is so in shape it is almost ungodly. Despite this distraction, everyone’s eyes were closed “Glycerine” without hesitation. As they closed out the night with “Comedown,” Bush reaffirmed that despite the fact they’ve been off the scene for a little while, they can hang just fine with the rest of them.

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