Live Review: Blue Mountain Bustdown

Great Scott// Boston, MA// April 30th, 2011

Blue Mountain Bustdown is one of those bands that pours its heart and soul into its music. Dynamic grooves, rhythmic variety, tasteful blues/rock fills and raw soulful vocals are some of the foundations that make this band a sensation to see and hear. Out of the three bands that played during the night, Blue Mountain Bustdown obtained the largest attendance during the show at Great Scott. It’s inspiring to witness a band that can sustain a solid high-energy enjoyable performance and captivate an entire audience. The five-piece funk rock/blues group consists of some of the youngest talented musicians in Boston. Their chemistry as a band is remarkable. From dueling guitars and ornate bass and drum playing to wistful piano solos, the songs as a whole are well constructed and tightly performed.

This group of musicians is not your average funk/rock group. They rock like The Black Crowes and deliver intricate jams comparable to The Allman Brothers, while adding their own innovative touch. On stage they posses a powerful, exhilarating presence that translates to their audience. The band digs deep into bluesy rock n’ roll vibes while still leaving plenty of room for improvisation. As their set ended for the night, the crowd was left chanting “one more song!” Many can tell you this is not a band to go unnoticed.

(Photos by Kristen DeTroia)

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